Dr. Fred Opie is an athlete turned keynote speaker, with a unique ability to excite and challenge audiences. Whether he’s debunking myths about college and wealth building, or delivering essential leadership tools to his listeners, Fred is able to connect on a higher level with parents, coaches, educators, corporate leaders, and even incarcerated prisoners.

Fred Opie is highly sought after and accepts speaking engagements all over New England and the Mid Atlantic. He loves to challenge and motivate, as well as provide a road map to an all around better outlook on your life and your career.


• ABCs of Blogging and why you should start one
• ABCs of Podcasting and why you should start one
• ABCs of Writing and Publishing

• 3 Tips For Increasing Your GPA
• Innovative/Engaging Teaching Strategies
• College Myths Most Cannot Afford

• Public Speaking Training For Businesses
• On Air Media and Public Speaking Training
• How to Rock A Job Interview/Pitch Like The Pros

• Discovering And Thriving In The Right Career
• 7 Principles to Grow, Win With People, And Be More Productive