Super 7 New 30 Day Release Offer (Includes 3 CDs)


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If you have success in something, do you know why, or is it an accident? Can you repeat it? Well, I had to start thinking about that in my life. If I have had some success, to what do I attribute that success? I concluded that my successes came down to what I call my “Super Seven.” The Super Seven Principles have been the formula for success that I developed to thrive on and off the field. If you apply these principles, you’ll see that they’re universal, and you can use them in all areas of your life. Until April 19th, order a paperback copy for $7.99 and receive 3 CD recordings of my live events worth $15 using our online store at That’s a $25 offer for $7.99. As one person said, long ago, you can’t beat that with a baseball bat!


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